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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
What I've seen is one entry with positions listed under it. E.g.,

Bob's Burgers: <space to right justify> 2007-2018
Contract burger flipper, burger flipper, head fry cook (since 2012).

I don't think having a sep. listing for each position looks good.
That's what I was going to say as well. Listing it separately points out that you were temp for a whle, and

Keep in mind that your resume is first and foremost, a marketing document for YOU. It's not some sort of legal chronology of your working history, or anything like that, even if some people seem to think they are, or should be. (if that was the goal, we'd have a standardized template of some kind in use throughout the various industries)

So list things / spin things in ways that cast you in your most favorable light, just like advertisements and sales pitches do. And listing that as two jobs only really does one thing favorably for you- show that you were good enough to move from temp to permanent. Otherwise, it makes your tenure look shorter, and at a glance, makes you look like you've had more jobs than you really have, neither of which are a good thing.

So if the best thing going for that job is that you managed to convert it into permanent employment, then set it up and draw attention to that by listing them separately. Otherwise, just keep it as one entry and indicate the conversion in-text.