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Originally Posted by Emergency911 View Post
I like honesty in an application/resume. The first question that came to mind is if they call the place and ask for start and end dates, would they include your temp position time? If not, it could cause you to get disqualified because they think you are lying.
First of all, you wouldn't be "disqualified" at this point. Typically you would have already been given a job offer so they are just confirming that what you said is accurate. What I've experienced is at worst, someone from the background check company or HR might call me to clarify a discrepancy. For example, one company I used to work at that got acquired and no longer exists.

In this day and age of various contractor and temp gigs, I think most companies are understanding that it's not always clear cut.

For example, the company I mentioned previously, I worked there about a year:
Hired by a small "boutique" supply chain consulting firm (Company A).
Firm was acquired by a well-known failed 90s dot-com (was a billion dollar company with a thousand 30 people after the merger). This is my official "employer" for tax purposes (Company B).
My only client for my entire time there was a well known global consulting firm A.T. Kearney. My official status with that firm was as a "contractor"
The actual end "clients" in the sense of who actually is paying for these services was 1) an airline, 2) a chemical company, 3) a Dutch FedEx type company and a couple others I can't remember.
In the time that I left, my employer was acquired by another firm (Company C).

So my resume options are:
1) Company A, Company B - ok but unnecessary as I was only at A for a month or so before it became Company B. It doesn't add anything and makes it look like I had more jobs than I had.

2) Company B - This is fine. Optionally Company B (Acquired by Company C)

3) A.T.Kearny - Also appropriate, but I indicate that I was there as a "contractor". This is the best option for me as it is consistent with the rest of my resume "story"

4) Each end client - Appropriate in some cases if you are there for an extended time. As these were all relatively short projects, it's probably better to just list the skills or maybe the client names in the description of my job.

5) Company C (formerly Company B) - This is ok. I do this for a different position where my leaving was largely due to the merger.

Really what you are doing is telling a story of what you did and where you did it. What you don't want to do is misrepresent your roll or the dates you worked.