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I'm sure GRRM told D&D who ends up on the throne but it doesn't mean they chose the same person he will (crosses fingers, knocks wood, etc). I mean, Arya is awesome but I don't think she's going to be the one to take out the head Other, and I'm not sure that is going to be A Thing in ADOS that works like it did in-show. If Sansa does marry Harry the Heir she might have a very bad wedding night, but it's not going to be Ramsay raping her via Theon's POV. So they know things, but choose differently. "Your sister" vs "Only Cat." Fans of the show say those changes make sense in adaptations. Book purists (like myself) feel that their egos have them make choices that put their stamp on the work, and since it appears they have a very shallow grasp of the themes of the work, mess it up royally. Shock value instead of thematic value.

Do I think Jon is going to have to kill Dany? Probably. Nissa Nissa and all that. Bran on the throne? Not so much. I don't think there is going to be a throne. Not that I think Drogon is going to melt it in grief, but more metaphorically. I think it'll either dissolve into 6-8 kingdoms or be unified and ruled by a council. We didn't get pages and pages on the elections in Volantis, about TRIARCHIES for nothing. He'd have saved that for the companion material if it weren't relevant to the overall story, imo.

Sam isn't going to be Grand Maester. He hasn't even forged a link (or very few) and he's going to be caught up in that weirdo Marwyn's plans. I mean, he could end up being the last Maester standing, but he's also still a brother of the NW and while I'm sure someone could release him, it would be unusual and the whole NW would have to be dissolved for Sam to abandon it. Sweet Robin is gonna be dead dead dead. There was no Meera, who might not survive the Children, but she may. No (F)Aegon, no Arianna. And I wouldn't want Bran to win the throne because I'm not entirely sure that Bran will be Bran when he exits. What if he's just a Bloodraven puppet in a Bran suit? Jon might rejoin the NW if it exists because it's looking like he'd be Lord Commander again and be the 1000th. He can't be 997 or 998 and not have 1000 not be significant in some way. It's going to be Jon resigned to this fate, Jaime somehow surviving and continuing his redemption arc, or Jorah trying to continue his redemption and answer for his crimes, follow his father's wishes.

I could see Arya possibly sailing west because people sailing west has been mentioned several times in the companion stuff, if not in the five novels. Someone probably will be. Maybe Asha. Speaking of, the creepy things in the water never came into play (over in the Iron Islands, not Hardhome), nor ghost grass in Essos, no Iron Bank further shenanigans, no other Assassins, no trips to Valyria or Asshai... which I think will all have some appearances or meaning in the last two books.

So it was AN ending*. I'm not anywhere near satisfied, but I'm happy it wasn't worse?

*That's a Wheel of Time joke for all you non-readers. The next show/book series we could all be yelling about in a year or two.