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In the SDMB thread, Wherefore, Exapno Mapcase?, on 05-13-2007 SDMB user Defective Detective asks in his (her?) OP,

I want to know where some of these crazy Doper names came from. Obviously, in most cases, this thread will require a response from the member named. Please redirect me if this thread has been done before - couldn't find it. I am, after all, the Defective Detective.

Some names that I have always been curious about:

Exapno Mapcase
Quiddity Glumfuster
Bosda d'Chi of Tricor

I know my name may not seem so interesting, but it was supposed to be Selective Detective (two consecutive rhymes from a Billy Joel song that I like), but I had a brain-fart when I was signing up. So now instead of having a name that makes me seem careful and discriminating, I have a name that makes me look like an idiot. I probably deserve it, though I wish I could change it...

Okay, now you try it. Name some names that you would like to see explained. If your name comes up in this thread, please explain it for the rest of us, should you be so inclined.

Exapno Mapcase was originally spelled in the Cyrillic alphabet as ХАРПО МАРКС, which is Harpo Marx's name transliterated into Russian.

This came about back in 1933 because, following US diplomatic recognition of the Soviet Union, Harpo Marx spent six weeks in Moscow as a performer and goodwill ambassador. His tour was a huge success. When he saw his name in Cyrillic, Harpo, having no knowledge of Russian, pronounced it as "Exapno Mapcase".

(Im not claiming that this is the derivation for the SDMB users name, though.)