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In college I sat next to a guy with a ZZ Top style beard and long hair. One day I came in and there was a clean-shaven, short-haired guy sitting in the chair. I asked him who he was as I no idea and I figured my friend would be along shortly to sit in his usual spot.

How long I would have been confused if he didn't tell me I don't know, but he sure as hell wasn't recognizable anymore.
I had a similar experience with a good friend in college. He had a heavy beard and mustache. We were supposed to meet in the library and I walked right by him because he'd shaved. I didn't recognize him at all--he said my name and then seeing my blank look told me who he was.

A friend was married to a man who was almost completely bald; after 6 years he decided to get a wig/hairpiece and went shopping for it with my friend's younger sister. They came home to a family dinner with him wearing the hairpiece and thought that they'd have some fun, so the younger sister introduced him as a friend of hers, giving him a fake name, and they sat down and ate. His wife and in-laws didn't recognize him for 15 minutes or so. In fact it wasn't his wife who spotted him; it was one of her brothers who realized who it was.

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