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Happy Thorsday!

It's a cloudy 64 degrees outside, supposed to get up to 88 with a chance of rain.

Today we need to plant the stuff I bought yesterday.
I wanted to buy two butterfly bushes, but I didn't like them so much, so I bought on of those and one rose of sharon.
I have to decide which one will go next to the porch and which will go in the center of the patio.
I wanted to get a mess of lavender, but I didn't like they way they looked either, so I bought one to see how it does.
I got some other stuff that looked good, but I have no idea what it is. I'll have to read the tags today and then decide where to put them.
I wanted to get some primroses, one of my neighbors has a mess of them and they are beautiful, but Lowes didn't have any in stock.

I still need to get sand for my son to level the patio.
I told him I wanted to get river rock for under the new meter. He said why? I said so nothing grows there and you won't have to worry about mowing/whacking around the meter. He thinks that is a great idea. I could see the wheels turning, I'm sure he is wondering if we could do the whole yard in river rock.
He doesn't like to help me plant the stuff, but I think he doesn't realize that once I get the yard the way I want it, there won't be much left to whack and mow.

I ended up talking to his adviser yesterday. Got stuff done in a few minutes. We have to talk again next week about what he will need to take in the spring to graduate. He is all registered for the summer and the fall. He doesn't have to take the one credit class that I couldn't figure out what it was since there is now nobody to teach it. Another class will fill that requirement.

MetalMouse - I tried to get him into counseling for his shyness, but the doctor wouldn't accept him unless my son agreed to it. It would have been free. I'm hoping he makes some friends in the classroom. I try to get him to go to the dog park with me, lots of people there and most everybody is nice. It's also easy to find something to talk about because of the dogs. You know everybody there wants to talk about their dogs, not hard to start a conversation.
It's funny that I have helped other people overcome their shyness. I know what steps to take to get them there, but they wanted to get over it, he doesn't.

Sloth is good Butters.
I wish I could.

Lots of dogs at the park yesterday. I met a catahoula mix named Beau, however I call him Frenchie because he is very quick with the tongue.

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