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Originally Posted by Sir T-Cups View Post
I'm not that what you said basically a fancy version of "pay the players"? Because paying the players is not the answer to college athletics at all and wouldn't work the way most advocates of paying the players think it will.

I gave my suggestion because I really hate the one and done rule. If you're good enough to play right out of high school, why not just play?
If players could make money during their college careers, -- NOTE: this is not the same thing as "paying the players"-- then more of them might play longer for their schools.

But, yes, "paying the players" might not be the "answer" to college athletics if we don't even know what the question is. What is it? The one problem that is easy to identify, however, is that college athletes are denied the rights that everyone else in the country have concerning their incomes and this can be solved without damaging the schools and/or their sports programs.