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Damnit! I was hiking in the park last night; narrow paths & noticed ivy. Today my laig is itchy & I can feel a couple of bumps on it. Either I was savagely & viciously attacked by fleas or chiggers in just one spot or some of the ivy was poisonous. Of course it's the outside of lower laig, which makes it hard to see up close. I have rubbed some isopropyl* on it a few times in hopes of drying it out.

Doggio, as a medical perfeshunal assissant manager of a drug sto; do you recommend rubbing alkyhaul on it from the inside? Would that hit the mark? Or might something clear Absolutely be better?

* Weird - Isopropyl is C3H8O; whereas propane is C3H8. Oh, there's so little difference between them.