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I don't know what is up with Ripple today.
He wouldn't eat lunch, ground beef, and when he got to the park he just walked around, no playing.
He did eat when we got home, and now he is napping.
Maybe too hot for him.

Huge storm came up while we were at the park. I waited it out, and by the time I got home the rain had stopped and the sun is shining.
My son should be getting up soon, then we can go out and plant the new stuff. The ground should be easy to shovel.
I'm waiting on Home Depot to send a text that my order is ready to pick up. It's supposed to be ready in 2 hours, it's been 4.

MetalMouse believe me, I don't have a green thumb. Butterfly bushes and lavender are pretty hardy. I think rose of sharon is too.
The other stuff, we'll see. I forgot to get mint for the side of the house. I have some creeping thyme seeds, I might plant those instead.