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Originally Posted by carrps View Post
Speaking of facial hair, I knew a guy at work ages ago who had a beard and mustache. One day he shaved just the beard. He said the next day in his office one of the ladies kept staring at him, and finally said: "Oh, I get it. You grew a mustache."

Going strictly by appearance, I think you could fool people. How I recognize people a lot, though, is by voice. Often, I've recognized an actor in a part by their voice...even though they were in heavy makeup or otherwise visually unrecognizable.
Going by just appearance alone, the problem with that is that people can remember faces. Atleast most can anyways. So if you really wanted to fool someone, you would have to alter your face in some way, there aren't too many options available for changing your face besides surgery. There's facial prosthetics such as foam latex noses, chins, etc. I don't know how believable they are, especially at close range.

But, if you shaved your all your facial hair off, put some hair on your head, wore some eye color changing contacts, threw on some fake eyeglasses and maybe used a facial prosthetic. You might be able to get away with it, notwithstanding changing your voice and overall mannerism.

The person I want to pull this prank on has only ever seen me with a full on trimmed mustache/beard. Never clean shaven, and usually wearing a hat because I'm rather self conscious about my advanced balding...

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