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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
My father, for basically my entire life, has had a moustache. Well about 30 years or so ago, upon finding out that he was going to be meeting up with his sister and BIL in DC, my father decided to have a little fun.

He shaved off his 'stache right before leaving for D.C. to meet them. He just had to pick me and my sister up from school and take us home first. In hindsight i believe he did this as a "practice run" of sorts, to see how shocking his new appearance was.
Seven or eight years ago, I shaved off my full beard and moustache, which I'd had for 20 years, just to see what I looked like without them these days. (I let them grow back after about a month.)

Some people still recognized me immediately, and some walked right on by without a clue that it was me. Different people clearly key in on different parts of one's appearance.