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Originally Posted by swampbear View Post
Howdy Y'all! I did manage to achieve mowage this mornin' over to the church house. A belt broke on the mower I was usin' near the end. However, I was able to complete the task with another mower. This bein' a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig zero turn rider, a trip to the mower horsepistol is necessary. An ambulance (well, the equivalent of one for a mower) came and picked it up. In other news, 'tis HAWT out so glad to be inside and in the cool. Majik intartoobz pizza for sup.

I bought a bunch of locally grown strawberries a couple of weeks ago. Most of 'em got sliced up for freezin' purposes. Hence strawberries for the pound cake this weekend. Said pound cake shall show up tomorrow as JDD and Partner (the maker of pound cake) are bringin' it over.
I highly recommend making shortcake, if that's the dessert you're aiming for. Pound cake is good, but the sugar and eggs in it compete with the strawberries and whipped cream. Shortcake is far less sweet and is made with cream, sorta like biscuits without all the butter.