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Happy Saturday!

I am up way too early, bladder woke me, damn car alarm kept me up. I want to beat the snot out of whoever owns that damn car.
I came downstairs to sleep on the couch for a bit, too hot upstairs, and my son came to me in a panic because the books we ordered are not the right books. Well, they are the right books for a different class than the one that starts Toosday. So he had to go through the syllabus to find the book and we ordered it from da jungle. New was $177, used is $9, guess which one we got?

The video was rather fascinating Flytrap. The barges looked like toys, I an sure they are huge.

Happy Birthday to Nut Dad!

It's a cloudy 63 degrees right now, supposed to get up to 82.
I'm going to try to get back to sleep for a little, and then get out there and finish planting flowers and putting down the river rock.

Sometime soon I am going to call and cancel directv. I have gone the entire week without even turning on the tv, except for this morning when I watched a little and was more annoyed than entertained.