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Originally Posted by DigitalC View Post
Two or three more seasons and more complexity are what it needed. And it does "magically" fix the problems with the story because it gives the story a chance to arrive at the ending we got logically. Daenerys fall into Mad Queen status would make a lot more sense if you stretch her isolation and paranoia over several seasons instead of two or three scenes in a couple episodes. The burning of King's Landing would make more sense if King's Landing was ruled by Aegon and loved by the people, while Dany who lost almost everything and everyone she cared about saving the world is despised and rejected. Dorne, Varys' betrayal, Dany's heel turn... all this things make SO much more sense with Aegon in the picture.
You understand that adding 2-3 seasons was totally nonviable, right? Setting aside all the practical concerns, you're essentially saying "re-writing the entire second half of the show" would have fixed all the problems.

I mean, sure, maybe. But that's not exactly useful here.