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Originally Posted by Face Intentionally Left Blank View Post
I've watched many of these kind of videos in the past. They were enjoyable at first, but then I noticed a sameness, a pattern to their reactions. Someone discovered this is very easy to make, and that ppl like to watch other ppl getting excited and agreeing that their favorite song is great. They used this to get money, through views, or even donations. Some of the ones I saw had some sort of scrolling chat on-screen with them - they must have streamed it live, and the ppl watching were donating money to the person.

I never once saw anyone have anything but an amazed/awestruck reaction. You'd think someone would say, "It's all right. . . ", or, 'That sucks.", or, "WTF is this, opera?", but no. Every video had people gushing over songs they allegedly never heard before, even very popular songs that are embedded in western culture, like Bohemian Rhapsody.

I think many, if not most or all of them, are made in a calculated manner to attract donations or views, which also translates to money. It's a shame, because it might be fun to watch people's real reactions.
Yeah. I suspect the reactions are mostly honest, but they're easy to do and surely looking for views. A handful have people making pretty good observations about the music, speaking intelligently about the songs. The Lost in Vegas guys aren't bad. And the Fine Bros React channel gets multiple reactions from specific groups and edits them well. Most of the others are pretty lazy though.