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Originally Posted by ebb View Post
- Deke being allowed to develop and market future technology for a year without SHIELD or anyone else caring, despite (twist) there being a SHIELD agent embedded with him.
- YoYo not using her powers to handily defeat the alien parasite, just to set up the alien scene and take TallGuy out of the picture.
- May charging off alone to take out the female member of Coulson's gang, despite having no real connection with her, just to get another woman v. woman martial arts fight.
- New scientist guy being used solely for speculative exposition rather than actually doing anything to address the problem. A stethoscope? An EKG? Having the containment unit located conveniently down the hall rather than in the medical lab?
- Deke heading back into the building to rescue Sequoia, unarmed, rather than informing the rest of the team what's going on. And the SHIELD agent who was watching him letting it happen, and then not even following.
- Deke emptying his weapon into the bad guy who's already down, as an obvious joke, just to set up the 'click, your gun's empty' moment with the next bad guy, so that we get a flight scene instead of a fight scene, despite there being at least one other agent there with a loaded weapon.
- Coulson's team being experts on eliminating these anomalies, but not knowing that extracting the knife from the body would allow the thing to regenerate and live again. Even if SHIELD wasn't a thing, normal law enforcement would have removed the knife sooner or later.
Just getting caught up...

- The stare down Mac gave Deke when he saw video Daisy was worth the poor setup.
- YoYo is the worst speedster ever! As soon as weird contortionist parasitic chest bat started twitching she should have used superspeed to put the damn knife back in and ended the threat - or - used superspeed to stab it after it flew out of dead body - or - done something/anything smart
- They needed to isolate May so she and not-Coulson could get some one-on-one so they can fall in love. At the end of the season they will be together and either he will stay and join Shield or she will leave and join the Not-Coulson Sliders to fight the weird contortionist parasitic chest bats across the multiverse.
- If the early seasons of the show didn't use those isolation pods so damn effectively I could give new science guy a break. Alas, they did use them well thus I cannot overlook the general purpose stupidity new science guy brings to the job.
- Sequoia was hilarious and I approve of every scene she was in. Especially the little blurb at the end