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Originally Posted by Frazzled View Post
I honestly think that's the test. Is Russia trying to prove to the military that Trump is an incompetent leader? I know Trump knows more than all of his Generals (probably combined), but what happens when something happens?
Think about it.

Russia and specifically Vladimir Putin has been vexed at American power since coming into power. He has watched helplessly as the American military and political machine essentially encircled Russia, put missile batteries in Eastern Europe, invaded Iraq, invaded Iran. And before that, it helped tear down the Iron Curtain, and was involved in Bosnia against Serbs. But the real kicker was the Magnitsky Act, which went after the mechanisms by which the Putin regime spreads its money around the world, not only to hide money outside the country but also to influence politics (including ours).

Economically, Russia has been no match for the United States, but they figured out that they could exploit the American political system by using dark money, and also through a campaign of grassroots misinformation. This looks like merely political meddling, but it's far more than that - this is military strategy from the top, from the man himself.

What did Russia win when Trump won the White House? Many things, but consider the fact that Trump has repeatedly, again and again, discredited his own national intelligence services. For fucks sake, he now has hired an attorney general turned Cromwell (who himself represented Russian interests, I might add) and he is now using state power to investigate the investigators. Thus, Putin, via Trump, is effectively neutralizing our national intelligence services. Who needs to invest in keeping up with American military technology when you can just make their intelligence gathering apparatus bleed internally? James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and Dan Coates. All but one are out, and unceremoniously so. And Putin is snickering, giggling, and ultimately howling with laughter like some guy who's watching them eat brownies laced with Ex-Lax.

As for that confrontation on the sea? Well, where is James Mattis? Where is McMaster? Where are the former top brass during the Bush administration who have criticized the president for what they deem reckless (or maybe feckless) foreign policy? These are people who led the world's mightiest military machine and had no problem getting into a stare down with Putin, and where are they? Gone. Mute. Who's the Sec of Defense now? Some guy who's never really been recognized as having special knowledge of military affairs. Someone who's never had to stand up to foreign predators. The Commander in Chief is a guy who threatens to end NATO, who has suggested that some of our military leaders are stupid.

Putin can do what he wants...and he knows it.