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Originally Posted by BeagleJesus View Post
Just getting caught up...

- The stare down Mac gave Deke when he saw video Daisy was worth the poor setup.
- YoYo is the worst speedster ever! As soon as weird contortionist parasitic chest bat started twitching she should have used superspeed to put the damn knife back in and ended the threat - or - used superspeed to stab it after it flew out of dead body - or - done something/anything smart
- They needed to isolate May so she and not-Coulson could get some one-on-one so they can fall in love. At the end of the season they will be together and either he will stay and join Shield or she will leave and join the Not-Coulson Sliders to fight the weird contortionist parasitic chest bats across the multiverse.
- If the early seasons of the show didn't use those isolation pods so damn effectively I could give new science guy a break. Alas, they did use them well thus I cannot overlook the general purpose stupidity new science guy brings to the job.
- Sequoia was hilarious and I approve of every scene she was in. Especially the little blurb at the end
I can't argue with any of this. My point, though, is that the episode felt like they just wrote the payoffs and then phoned in the work that you're supposed to do to get to those payoffs. Getting May isolated with Coulson is great, and will lead to some great scenes next episode. But as a writer you have to arrange the parts so that that naturally happens without violating common sense or characterization. Figuring out the cool payoffs is only half the job, and probably not the hardest half.

If you want to have the cool body-horror scene of the guy turning into dark crystal tower and the angst from YoYo that she couldn't save him, then that's great! Now figure out a way to get there that makes sense. Maybe the bat things send out a hypersonic pulse that disables Inhuman abilities. Maybe Coulson gets interrupted after stabbing the bat before he can do the S.O.P. of disintegrating it after it's disabled. Maybe the bat takes partial control of Agent Gonnadie and begs YoYo not to stab him, and that tugs at her heartstrings and makes her delay.

I'm not the guy who yells "plot hole" every time there's a little bit of effort required to bridge a gap or elide over a rough spot. But usually the writers of this show at least make things plausible enough to keep the fun train going. For me this particular episode just failed utterly at that job.

Still looking forward to tonight's, though.