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ID the SF short story, Part 993774588

This one has bugged me for years, but I can't be arsed to ask Spider. So, I'll ask you people.

I read a story back in the 70s that I'm pretty sure had Spider's pen name of D. B. Wyatt on it. It was a twist on the "Three Wishes" schtick, only this time the genie keeps giving Our Protagonist more wishes and none of them are booby traps. After a middling period Our Hero gets really bored and notices that the genie is having more fun with the wishes than he is. So he confronts the genie, gives up all his remaining wishes and asks to join the genie in messing up people's lives. The genie then tells him
"Welcome to Heaven. You've freely given up all you have with no thought of recompense, to go out and do good. Welcome." Our Hero looks around, smells dope, sees a Chinese buffet and hears Janis riffing with Jimi and smiles. The End.

What in the name of the Seven Buddhas is the title of that story and where can I find it?