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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
So as a hypothetical ... mowing a casual friend's lawn for them without asking first?

Could be appreciated as a nice surprise gesture, and in the story we've been presented, it was. But yeah this could be thought of as coming up and giving someone who looks stressed a back rub without asking first. It's across the line of typical contact, maybe well-intended, might be appreciated, but inappropriate without asking first: "Hey, I used to mow lawns as job for years, kind of enjoy the exercise. Would you please give me permission to mow your lawn ... and maybe drop your mower off in the shop for you? No big deal for me."

This is an ask first one, no matter if this time it was appreciated.
I mow that little strip of grass between the sidewalk and the curb for my next two neighbors and I shovel the sidewalk in front of their rowhouses in the winter. Neither of them own a mower and the guy two houses down had a stroke a while back. Itd be weird to skip the neighbor between my rowhouse and the elderly neighbor, so I just do it all.