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Originally Posted by BeeGee View Post
For those of you who still think it's over reacting, let's say you go visit your mother one day. She lives alone and you usually cut her grass. You've been out of town and sick and its been awhile. You go see Mom and it's been done. Well, that's nice. Did one of the neighborhood kids..? No, a guy from the gym. Did you ask him to come over? Well, how did he know where you live? He WHAT?? Mother, what do you know about this guy? He seems nice? So did Ted Bundy.
This is an anecdote and doesn't prove a thing, but I can't help sharing: My grandmother was murdered by the guy who cut her grass!

No, really, I'm not joking. No one will ever be 100% sure, but she died suddenly under quite suspicious circumstances: the younger man who gardened for her (and who had insinuated himself into her good graces to the tune of several loans and gifts) found her sprawled out on her floor. Phone records show a call from my grandmother's house to the UK (where the gardener's girlfriend lived) right around the time he supposedly found her and called an ambulance.

I posted this story on the SDMB a number of years ago, so doubters can verify I'm not making the story up for this thread.

Sorry for the tangent. Carry on.

If I waited for memory to serve, I'd starve.

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