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Setting aside the"confusion" on how to empathize with delicate flowers of womanhood, or whether we need the protection of our husbands, and ALSO setting aside the question of whether looking up last names, addresses, marital status, family history and whatever you want to go "surprise" someone by being"nice" well result in a sterile society where no one is ever kind or nice to each other at all- for now- I want to clarify the isolated part here.

If I find out where you live, go to your home and discover no signs, I can hang out there all day every day as long as you're not there to tell me to leave? No trespass involved? Can I store stuff on your property (again, only accessing my stuff when you and your family are gone) ?
For the sake of clarity, I mean in your back yard or something. Not IN the house. But can I put up a tent, maybe camp out there?