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There's a lot of interesting speculation towards the end of the final show thread about what happens next. It leads me to put forth a (hopefully) interesting theory: what if the books continue well past the ending of the series?

Suppose The Winds of Winter pretty much describes the events of the show’s final season (with much needed fleshing out). So that book ends where the show ends . . . and then it says to be concluded in A Dream Of Spring.

And then that book would tell how Bran finds and gets control of Drogon and becomes the Warg King, ruthlessly putting down rebellions and subjugating the North. Maybe Arya returns and actually gets to put her Faceless Man bit to more use. Roles for Sansa, Brienne, Tyrion and Jon Snow could easily be imagined

I always thought it a bit odd that Martin would blithely allow the ultimate ending of his magnum opus to be revealed on the show, but what if the deal was, here’s your TV ending—you guys stop there, but I’m going to go beyond that to the final ending by myself. It would be a real subversion of fantasy tropes: here’s your nice story book ending, but now let’s see how it all goes to shit. And subversion of fantasy tropes is ostensibly A Song of Ice And Fire’s raison d’etre.