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While I'm sure there are many different ways I could go after this, the one that comes to mind right now is a complete breakdown in trust. I don't trust the other side. This is largely do to the rise of the alt-right, and it's much more discreet tactics. They aren't arguing their opinions honestly. They're slipping in little rhetorical tricks at any opportunity. Bigotry itself has been undermined in all logical, rational ways for a while, with the only movement being gradually accepting more things are unequal, and trying to fix. But, out of nowhere, this group has been using underhanded tactics to bring these ideas back to the fore.

It also means a lot of the people who I trusted not to be bigoted were in fact still bigoted, but just hiding it. Same with other forms of horribleness. The things that, if you are a good person would make you angry, would be the things I find them supporting. Not even just making excuses for. Support.

Then there's just the disillusionment when people chose to elect Trump. How? How in the world are all the people around me who claim to be Christians and thus follow the God described in the Bible (whether he's real or not)--how could they turn their back on that concept and vote for Trump? How could the people who constantly worry about the Antichrist have missed that Trump's positions are opposed to Jesus's at every turn? If my faith had not been strengthened earlier, I would have turned from God at that point, as all those people had been lying to me. (Fortunately, I instead looked for and found other real Christians.)

The problem for me is that there is a level of trust that was there before for me that has been completely shattered. And, without that trust, I can't maintain these friendships I had before. I can't risk the olive branch because that's often a trick. I can't assume there is a nice person underneath, because I now know that was naive of me to ever believe. I can't even trust that my fellow Christians share any values with me.

And, to be honest, while I keep hoping it will be repaired, I genuinely don't know how it will be. Is it reasonable to hope that Trump et al did some sort of trickery that all these people will wake up from and resume being who I thought they were? Probably not.