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This third season has us almost ready to give up on the show. As Dread Pirate Jimbo so accurately pointed out, the first season was all about the horrors of a modern world where women have lost ALL their human rights. This last season has focused almost exclusively on babies, children, and motherhood. I believe the irony would be completely lost on the writers of the show that they have reduced women to walking incubators who ONLY care about babies and children.

I can't figure June out, either. She is the stupidest person alive, is all I can figure. She has absolutely no concept of do the hard thing now so you can do other things in the future. She stayed in Gilead to get Hannah out? The only thing that matters to her in the world is the daughter that is safe and happy with a different family? I'll stay in Gilead and have zero power and be at risk of being killed for literally looking at someone wrong instead of getting out and getting safe and working to fight against the whole system from the outside - best decision EVER!!!!! Are we supposed to be assuming that June is working up to become a resistance leader or some such nonsense?
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