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Originally Posted by Quimby View Post
It's funny because until this most recent episode I thought the Commanders we have been following were the highest echelons of power. I knew there was that one higher guy who showed up in the flashbacks but besides him I assumed Fred was part of the council that ran things. He was in the inner circle that carried out their revolution after all and Joseph supposedly created their economy. Those sound like they would be high up guys...
I always thought it was clear that we were seeing the local elite of Boston, not the national elite. Granted it's confusing because of stuff like Fred being so involved in foreign trade negotiations. I think Pryce and his role in designing the Handmaid system was just the national authorities solicited proposals from local Commanders and their proposal won. I'm enjoying the glimpses into Gileadean high society like the Waterfords dining out a fancy restaurant complete with menus Serena Joy can't read or a ball where all the Wives are wearing a variety of ballgowns in different shades of blue (some even showed cleavage). Or house hunting were the Jewish Baptist owners "left in a hurry".

If I were a refugee in Canada I'd really, really being trying to get resettled outside of North America now. The very notion that Canada is even considering something that could remotely be considered an extradition treaty is terrifying. Emily stabbed "her supervisor" in the back? Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but it's extremely telling that the government minister's reflexive talking point is that "the birth mother already surrendered her rights". Also in the preview for next week...

SPOILER: looks like we're finally get some insight into Aunt Lydia's life pre-Gilead.