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Well June is getting a lot more dark than I expected. As for Aunt Lydia the theories about her being a schoolteacher were correct. Did not expect her to have been a lawyer too. Interesting how even pre-Gilead she changed careers into something more in line with traditional gender roles. It's also quite disturbing that even before the coup privatized child welfare agencies were using religious piety as a measure of parental fitness and could quickly move children through foster care to more "worthy" families. We've seen signs of the Sons of Jacob's growing early influence in other flashbacks, like June suddenly needing her husband to sign off on her birth control.

I also liked the glimpse into the inner workings of the Red Center. The Aunts discussing Handmaid assignments over drinks was so banal it was almost black comedy. Apparently some Commanders are allowed to be picky about the race of their Handmaid without be removed from consideration. Also even the Aunts use the given names of unassigned Handmaids. I've been wondering how that worked; it seemed like it would be too awkward to constantly revert to serial numbers when they're between assignments.