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I wanted to like this book, I really did. I enjoyed REAMDE, especially Egdod riding in on a meteor yelling "ASSHOLES!" as he cleaned up the problems in that virtual world. But that moment was not enough to make a full-length novel out of.

There were a few things in the book that never quite made sense to me. There was the whole idea of the old internet which was filled with trash, fake news, et cetera. This is replaced by a new internet where a person's social standing is determined by external editors. How this was supposed to work was never adequately explained except for the realistic part: the more money you have the better your editors are.

I also did not get why all the new souls couldn't just make their own Firmaments. Maybe "in the beginning" there weren't enough computer resources but by the end everyone should have been able to carve out their own space and do as they wanted to with it.

My biggest criticism of the book was how it would jump from plot to plot and would happily abandon story points. First we're following Dodge and then he dies. Then we're on to Corvallis and Zula for a while. Then cut to several years later with Sophia and this Ameristan plot which seemed very out of place. Then we're in the virtual world with Egdod for a while. Then Egdod gets beaten right out of his own book and we follow Adam and Eve around for a while. Once their story wraps up we end up following some other random characters who have absolutely no connection to what has transpired so far and they only end up linking up with that story right at the end. There were a few parts that I liked but I spent way too much of this book trying to figure out what was going on now and getting no help from the author.