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Originally Posted by E-Sabbath View Post
Okay, it's made of mahogany. Does that make the sound darker, generally? Alnico isn't a brand name, is it? It's aluminum - nickle - cobalt magnets in the pickup, right? So are those pickups higher quality than, say, ones that aren't advertised as alnico, or are all pickups alnico these days?

You know, I guess that sort of thing. Sorry, I'm a little nervous. It looks pretty righteous, and I think buying it was a good move, but... well, you know, after you buy something you get nervous.
Mahogany is my favorite body wood and also Gibson's - it is known for being warm and midrangey and is capable of nice, tight lows with a lot of gain. Bad mahogany sounds thunky and choked, and with a tight, waspy midrange.

Soapbars are a favorite pickup - they pair well with mahogany (what is this? a fancy restaurant? "The salmon pairs well with a chardonnay" sorry). P-90's are an articulate pickup that sound best with a playing style where you play a lot with the Volume and Tone knobs. The Volume knob is NOT a "loudness" knob - it is a "dial up or dial down the amount of gain to clean up or dirty up the tone" knob, and the Tone knob is like a fine tuner on top of that. Old school, and really fun if you get the hang of it. If you play a humbucker and just leave the V and T on 10, a soapbar sounds way to grindy - that's only for wide-open lead playing...

I can't speak to Xavier's more than BigShooter did. I see the ads....