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Oh! Now I remember why the gay sex stood out in my mind. It wasn't that there was a lot of it. There was an amount, and the people who were gay or bi, well, they were gay or bi and we pretty much knew about them. I mean, hell, it's New York, they talk about Christopher Street and, c'mon, David Bowie's in it.

What stood out to me was that there were a lot of guys making money by standing out at 53rd and 3rd. Nominally straight guys just trying to score some money for dope or blow.

It was the attitude towards gay sex. It mirrored what I read in Hunter S. Thompson's Hell's Angels, which was a little earlier and on the other side of the country. It's not gay if someone does it to you.

Amazing how different attitudes towards sex are these days.

Thanks, WordMan. Yeah, you're anticipating where I'm heading with my next set of questions, how to mess around with the Volume and Tone and the knobs on the amp. But not yet.

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