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Originally Posted by Rigamarole View Post
Broke the planet finally! Had portaled 6 times, and was running this build. Was really relying on my high block though since I was so far behind in Coordination... now that enemies on 60+ have that block-piercing ability, it's quite tough. But on the bright side, the 90% reduction in equipment costs makes it possible to actually catch up a bit in that department. I want to see if I can get a bit further, but will likely be portaling again soon.
Can someone explain (to someone who's not yet gone beyond Zone 30) why people refer to not being able to catch up in Coordination? Does its expense start to increase that much? I always buy coordination as soon as I start a new zone.

Also, where the game shows me helium per hour, does that mean I'm passively accumulating helium while just sitting there like the other resources, or is that just the amount I've earned by defeating blimps divided by the number of hours I've been playing?

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