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Originally Posted by jayjay View Post
It didn't happen DURING the show. It happened at the curtain call. And the cast, prior to the statement made, told the audience not to boo him. It was respectful and dignified, much more so than Pence or Trump have been this entire campaign.
It doesn't matter. The fact is that it was rude and out of place.

No different than if Pence, at the end of the play, had heckled them. He was there as a paying audience member, he was not their to receive a once-sided rehash of the stuff he gets in his day to day job.

Again, I agree with what the cast member said, but this place would break limbs leaping over one another in outrage had Clinton won and gone to a play and been treated to an out of place lecture (no matter how short or kindly worded) about her politics.

No problem with the message itself - but the time and place were wrong.

And somehow, "Please don't boo the guy that we're about to single out for ideological criticism during this politically tense and testy time." almost seems like priming the pump.

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