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Originally Posted by Rick Kitchen View Post
I love how Trump is firing people who don't yet work for him. First he wants all of the ambassadors to resign, and now he's told the heads of the National Nuclear Security Administration, the organization that keeps track of our nuclear weapons, to clear out.
Then he hires his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in violation of 5 U.S. Code 3110.

(b) A public official may not appoint, employ, promote, advance, or advocate for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement, in or to a civilian position in the agency in which he is serving or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative of the public official. An individual may not be appointed, employed, promoted, or advanced in or to a civilian position in an agency if such appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement has been advocated by a public official, serving in or exercising jurisdiction or control over the agency, who is a relative of the individual.

If this is any example of how Trump plans on respecting the law his impeachment will be rather easy. Hopefully he'll be caught telling lies to cover his misdeeds and a 3 ring circus ensues while the world watches and laughs.