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I found a menu to help with dupes eating lice meal or whatever before it was cooked into something not-useless - the Consumable tab. You can allow or forbid different foods, either by dupe or wholesale.

Fixed the waste of ingredients, it did. Colony number...four is going strong, at 49 cycles and counting. A couple idjits have died from refusing to do the last little bit so food could be provided, which is easily my biggest challenge so far. Terrariums provide oxygen, and a cistern will last long enough until I can get pumps and sieves up and running.

That's where I'm at now. I'll probably build another greenhouse and pull in a sixth dupe while researching my way up to renewable energy. After that will be experiments with hydrogen and chlorine, and all the other ways to create FUN! in a closed system. Outside of power generation, up to this point, everything else is pretty much renewable. Even power is, if you use enough mousewheels. I refuse to run the rat race, so coal mining and burning it is. Once I find oil, I might have to reevaluate.