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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
Afraid? No. It’s pointless. Furthermore, I don’t think personal history is a way to encourage different standards.

Anyways you almost had me suckered in! Look, iiandyiiii, you aren’t the typical forum member and even you use non-nuanced and weaponized language as a social approval cudgel. You are being disingenuous.

Therefore the discussion is pointless. I’m surprised the forum just doesn’t ban that sort of talk altogether.
Okay, a cryptic non-response (and an accusation of dishonesty). And no idea what you mean about "personal history" -- I use different standards for satirical comedy bits than for serious assertions about how one ought to behave. I guess you weren't really interested in any sort of "maturity and nuance and honesty". I gave it a shot; it's still there if you change your mind. You can tell me where I'm wrong if you like, or just make excuses and complain about the board if you'd prefer to do that.

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