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Originally Posted by pool View Post
... I don't think I would have been racist or in the wrong to shoot such a person if I didn't think or know that they would stop. I agree with Shodan but I don't expect most posters on this board to agree with me.
In your worldview, pool trying to urinate in private, and Zimmerman confronting a stranger with hostility are comparable events? Did you take your gun with you hoping to have an argument?

Originally Posted by Babale View Post
At the end of the day, an unarmed black kid who was not committing any crimes before Zimmerman came on the scene is dead. Before we move forward, can we just agree that this is a bad thing? That even if Zimmerman was right to fear for his life, it was tragic that Trayvon ended up dead? Because as far as I can tell, neither you nor HurricaneDitka ever acknowledged this.
I'm also curious whether Hurricane and his ilk would be capable of acknowledging this in their hearts. But I don't think their responses in the thread would answer this one way or the other. They might be happy a nigger was killed but pretend otherwise to keep up their "I am not a racist" charade. Or, they might understand that the manslaughter was a tragedy but fear that to admit it would undermine their case.

What we can agree on is that they take great pride in being ruled by their amygdalae and reptilian brains. While liberals are dawdling to make assessments of guilt or innocence, Hurricane and his ilk will have bravely shot all the possible "bad guys" dead, leaving God to sort them out.