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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
The reason the IRS hasn't released Trump's tax returns is that it would be illegal for them to do so, as Congress has no legitimate reason for asking for them.

If Congress starts holding people in contempt for not breaking the law on their behalf, they would be acting no better than Trump.
The House of Representatives has a Constitutional responsibility of oversight. The branches of government were created co-equally - at least on paper anyway. There's a 1924 Act that was signed into law precisely in response to the fact that, at the time, Congress didn't have the power to access tax records. The Congress, with the president's signature, gave itself that power, and it really doesn't need much of a reason other than oversight.

Of course, like all things, the president could litigate, and he's obviously doing that. But he will most likely lose that court battle. The problem for Democrats is, it could take a while to get through the court system. The other problem is, there has to be a mechanism that forces Steve Mnuchin or one of his agents to physically release those documents, which isn't easy when an administration frequently ignores the law.

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