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Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
I come across something like that a few times a year.

Sometimes a spouse will consult with many family lawyers so as to conflict them out from representing the other spouse.

Sometimes a spouse will be such an awful person that they will consult with many family lawyers (which conflicts them all out) before finding one who will take them on as a client.

Either way, it leads to one of the parties either unrepresented or having to find a lawyer from out of town, which can get very expensive.
I remember when the infamous Betty Broderick represented herself in both her divorce and the murder trial after she killed her ex-husband and his second wife (or in at least one of those cases) because she claimed that she couldn't get legal representation due to her husband being the president of the local attorney's association. A talking head on the program replied, "The vast majority of lawyers in that city would never have heard of him, and even if he was their best friend, it wouldn't have mattered as long as they were paid."

I was also noodling around on my local court blotter, and found a divorce case where about 10 attorneys recused themselves from the case at the same time. THAT must have been a doozy of a split.

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