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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Hi, UltraVires.

Even if your comment made full sense, it doesn't account for the insipidities of the present system.

Huge swathes of California have priorities hugely different from the San Francisco liberals. Swathes that vastly outnumber some states in population and/or area. Yet they have Zero Senators. Tiny Rhode Island has two Senators. Tiny Delaware has two Senators. How many Senators does upstate New York, with large are and population, have? How many Senators does urban Texas have?

Yet people are repeating banalities about geography over and over and over in this thread without acknowledging such simple facts.
Thatís San Franciscoís problem. Not Rhode Islandís. At least with regards to the national level. At the state level, California has a state government. How when it has no sovereignty is still a puzzle. But it exists and San Francisco and those who have differences with San Francisco can deal with it in Sacramento.

Within San Francisco you have different neighborhoods with different priorities. They take issues up with city government. They donít go to Washington D.C. because they want a new stop sign or more needle and poop sweepers. They handle it or not locally. With local government and local powers.

What you attempt to trivialize by labeling it Ďbanalitiesí is, in reality, the way the political and social world works. History and past agreements matter. If boundaries of territory arenít respected because of treaty and law then that only leaves the rule of force.