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Originally Posted by Uzi View Post
I kind of assumed Jesus was gay. Not married in his 30's? Hanging out with 12 other dudes? Leave your family to hang out with him? He was gay or he was Michael Jackson (or both).
1. Being unmarried in your thirties was unusual at that time but not unheard of. Some Essenes, for instance, were celibate. Most men were married by age 20 or so. That means, however, that most gay men at the time would have been married (and procreating); therefore NOT being married was not indicative of homosexuality. That doesn't mean there was no same-sex activity among Jews at the time. There probably was. But being unmarried was not indicative of that.

2. Hanging out with 12 other dudes seems suspicious? You're imagining, perhaps, orgies? (And it would have been 13 other apostles before Judas left--14, if you count Mary Magdalene, as some scholars do.) Remember that Jesus and the Apostles stayed in the homes of whoever took them in. Few if any homes would have accommodated that many overnight guests at once.

3. There is nothing in the New Testament to suggest that Jesus was a pedophile. I assume you said this to shock and not because you think every man who isn't in a relationship with a woman is a pedophile. It wasn't uncommon at the time for older Greek and Roman men to have sexual relationships with much younger males, including pubescent children. But Judaism forbade such. A frequently misinterpreted and mistranslated line in the Talmud seems to indicate that sex with a female over three years old is permissible, but the line actually refers to virginity (which meant a higher bride-price) and who could be considered a virgin.

That's not to say Jesus was not gay. He may have been. Or he may have been celibate. Or he may have had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene or other female disciples. We just don't know, and it's not really relevant to the OP.