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Originally Posted by Rick Kitchen View Post
This may be an early rant, and I certainly hope it is.
Eight days ago we ordered an evaporative fan from Amazon that cost $280. We were told at the time that it would be delivered some time between June 20 and July 1. When I tried tracking the status of the package, I was told it was being delivered via "China Post", and there was no tracking information. This morning, we got a package from Amazon. It was a flat manila envelope, and inside it was a blank book full of blank pages, with an invoice saying it was a gift. I can find no information about why we got this gift or who sent it. But I went to look at the tracking status of the fan we ordered, and it says it has been delivered.
This unexpected blank book had better not be what we spent $280 on. I sent an email to the shipper telling them that the status says it has been delivered but hasn't been. I will wait till the end of the day to see if we actually get the fan. If not, I'll be raising holy hell with Amazon.
This is why I never order anything from Amazon that comes from a seller located in China.

Nice of Amazon to let any old crook sell through them.