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My route to and from work takes me down a semi-rural county road. This morning I'm on my way to work and down the road to my right I see a woman walking down her driveway to her mailbox, three black labs at her heels. I slow down to about 20 mph and move into the middle of the road to give them some space. I see her put her hands out, palms down, but can't tell if she's signalling to her dogs to stay put, or telling me to slow down. Not that it matters much, because I'm not going that fast anyway. As I pass her driveway, one of her dogs starts chasing after my car, and as I look in my rear view mirror I see her standing out in the street with her arms out in a "WTF?" sort of pose.

Fuck you lady. I didn't do anything wrong. Maybe you need to keep your dogs under control better. Next time I see you and your dogs, maybe I should just come to a complete stop in the road and sit there with my hazard lights on until you and your fucking dogs are out of my way.