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Originally Posted by Arrogance Ex Machina View Post
Portal requires fairly good reaction speed to finish. I gave up once it got to a point where you needed to do several things in quick succession.

ETA: Steam sale starts tomorrow, so you might want to wait for that to buy games.
Eh, I'd say Portal might be worth trying. This middle-aged gamer managed just fine, and I never excelled at platformer/puzzle games. Very few games have taught you how to play as you go along as well as Portal 1 and 2 did. I'd bet if you returned to the game you'd be surprised at how easily you pass the bits that troubled you earlier (I often found that a good night's sleep was all it took to turn an impossible room into an easy one).

The sheer excellence of the Portal games makes them worth checking out, even if that genre is not typically in your wheelhouse.

Definitely check out the Steam sale. Tons of games should be up for sale, and somewhat older games can often be had for a song (and a couple bucks). Check out for lists of awesome games that might interest you.