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Even the debates, this week, will be illuminating. We'll hear the clues in the language of the candidates---and what's picked up by the social media will tell us what's resonating.
What gets picked up on social media is nowhere near as good of a barometer of what is resonating overall as many within social media and of the pundit class credit it with.

Remember the social media explosion over the Biden's unwanted too friendly to the person touch? Enough on social media that the thread here was asking if his campaign was over before it began. Actual impact, actual amount it resonated with the voting public? Not so much. Obviously.
I've heard several on-air reporters and anchors on CNN and MSNBC refer casually to the fact that whatever blows up on Twitter and Facebook gets mentioned on the television news shows. (Won't look for a cite now but will post one when I get the chance.)

The point is not that the things that blow up on social media become major, ongoing stories everywhere---the point was that those things do get mentioned in the wider-reaching platforms. They then have the chance to become major, ongoing stores everywhere---if they resonate with the broader audience. If not, not. The variance is largely due to the differing demographics of Twitter as compared with CNN (etc.).

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Right now he has the Make-A-Deal rejection of Us-versus-Them lane pretty much all alone. Booker had I think started out trying to inhabit it as well but Biden sucked all the oxygen out of that space so he is trying, so far without much success, to find another branding message. So long as there are several staying in playing hard the othering populist play he can prevail even if the Us-versus-Them fans are more numerous, as they'll split them. And by polling they are not.
You wouldn't think it by reading social media or by listening to most candidates branding messages though.
Interesting polling. Yes, the overall-Democratic tendency to elevate Make-a-Deal thinking over Us-Versus-Them thinking would not be reflected on Twitter or the other major social media platforms. Twitter, and I guess Facebook and Instagram (neither of which I do), prioritize getting the high score and gaining dominance and other highly-competitive attitudes.

Cooperation and comity are not values well-represented in the social media, because the social media are structured to reward aggression.

So there will always be something of a mismatch between "left-leaning people" and "left-leaning people on social media."