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Originally Posted by AHunter3 View Post
I think we're talking past each other. There is no chain. There is no X that is separate from the locus of the choice. X and Y are part of the self that is making the choice.

ETA: that includes time as well as space. There is no prior event either.
If you do not reject the notion of causality, please join me in the thought experiment:
My arm moved.
Why did my arm move?
I willed it to move.
Why did I will my arm to move?
I chose to will my arm to move.
Why did I choose to will my arm to move?
If you keep asking "why?" I suspect you will have to look into the past and therefore establish a chain of causation, even if everything is self. There can be more than one reason. Would you care to continue the introspective dialogue, or point out where you disagree?