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someone please tell me they tried Obadiah Poundage

Goose Island teamed up with beer historian Ron Pattinson to brew a real traditional Porter from 1840: Obadiah Poundage. Fascinating video here. And a news article here.

Long story short, they
1. used a recipe from 1840 brewing logs
2. Went to seed bank, and literally regrew an effectively "extinct" barley that was prevalent back in the day
3. maltsters made firewood from the traditional wood and then roasted over open coals in a historic recreation
4. Had help from an English master brewer who has been brewing English beers for 50 years or so
5. more that I've forgotten

Now that's a beer to brag about! Sadly I've never met anyone who's even tried one, much less had a taste myself.

I'm not into German Chocolate Cake or any of those dessert beers beyond a very occasional novelty test. I also generally dislike the taste of American hops, so the IPA craze has passed me by.

I try local beers whenever I travel. Asia tends to be light German lagers. Although when I visited the Sapporo Brewery, I tried "On The Rocks". IIRC, it was around 6% ABV and brewed as a summer beer enjoyed poured over a glass full of ice. Aim was after it had been poured warm on ice, ice melted, temperature dropped, and voila a tasty beer (versus something watered down). I never saw it anywhere else after that one time brewery visit.