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On the IR issue - I thought we'd worked something out last year, but apparently we didn't, and I have to go back and double check, but it sounds like no one has ever gotten credit for an IR player in our drafts based on what you guys are saying. In that case, I want to cut Crowell, to be clear. If that's what we've been doing (forced to keep or cut players who were on IR before the draft) then obviously I'll do that. But maybe we should open the discussions again for next year.

It's kind of a record keeping issue, though. Like, you're already being screwed by having a player you own go on IR during preseason before the draft - I don't feel like it's necessary to add to that by making someone decide whether to drop the player or lose a draft pick. We already have IR slots built into the league to help out owners who suffer IR players like this - it's just sort of a mechanical/record keeping/yahoo issue that the IR slot doesn't open up until after the draft. We could easily institute a workaround rule, like we drop that player before the draft (giving the player an extra spot out of their 25) and then that player could re-add the IR'd player to their roster after the draft and stick them in their IR slot.

Obviously I'm not going to try to benefit from something we haven't established, so this would have to be a rule for next year. But it seems reasonable to me.