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Originally Posted by Joey P View Post
Way back, late 80's/early 90's, somewhere in there when one of my relatives was early in her teaching career, they started a program that, along with other things, dictated that a student couldn't be held back more than twice.
At first, it made some amount of sense, they had issues with kids being held back year after year and they'd end up with 12 year olds in 4th grade or kids finally finishing grade school for no reason other than they turned 18.
But they ended up with a new problem. Once a kid had been held back twice, they had nothing left to lose. Now all she was really doing was babysitting for these kids for 8 hours a day.
I don't know where that all landed, but hopefully something got figured out.

Part of the problem I see suspending/expelling students is that it becomes a 'not in my backyard' problem. I understand that if a school has so many problems with a given student they'd rather just be rid of them, but the kid is going to end up somewhere and likely going to cause all the same problems elsewhere.

PS, the article isn't readable if you have an adblocker on.
Wouldn't a child like the ones you describe in the 2nd paragraph belong in an MR/DD program?

I have a relative who was homeschooled for much of her elementary grades because she would have meltdowns that were not only embarrassing to everyone involved, the other children were not safe around her. She did not attack other children, but she could shot-put a desk across a room. It's taken a lot of therapy and tweaking her medications to make her into the wonderful young woman she is now.