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OK Will, since you're too scared to provide links to support anything you say, I'll do it for ya.

Everybody, Will is basing his disdain for Samantha Power on this Conservapedia entry. "The Trustworthy Encyclopedia."

He blindly accepted this caption under a picture of Power, Susan Rice and (da da daaaaa) Hillary Clinton plotting the downfall of Africa.
Architects of the humanitarian catastrophe in Libya - Samantha Power (top) Susan Rice (left) and Hillary Clinton (right). President Obama initially billed US intervention "to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe," however after Gaddafi's murder the Black-African slave trade re-emerged in open slave markets in Libya.[1] NATO was used to give cover for the Obama administration's direct involvement.
and Gaddafi was MURDERED, because Banghazi and NATO coverup! So, Will takes the side of despots, just like his hero Trump. The footnote references this article by CNN, although I don't see anywhere in the article that blames Obama or Rice or Clinton or Power for Libya's slave auctions. CNN you say? I thought CNN stood for the "Communist News Network." Oh right, Conservatives like commies now!