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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
Thatís a pretty narrow, fucked-up definition of value you have there WillFarnaby.

Then again by your own definition you have no value to this board so you got something right.
Yeah itís this thing called economics.

Originally Posted by IvoryTowerDenizen View Post
Iíll bite.

I value my money less than I value (not a complete list):

social safety nets for poor and at risk people

watchdog agencies (EPA, FDA, FCC etc) that have to answer the public, not private sector

nonprofit funded scientific and medical research

service entities that must serve everyone equally (police, fire, etc).

Not claiming the government is perfect at it, but it provides better service in these areas than a bunch of cobbled together, for profit, private sector entities likely would.

And yes, private entities exist that do these things too. Nice part is I donít have to find them, vet them, and get money to them individually.
Yes you have the option of voluntarily putting up money to pay for all of those things. You donít and neither does anyone else who supports them. They can only be sold to the public if you promise to eat the rich in order to provide them.

Originally Posted by Monty View Post
You presumably live in a country which is a participatory democracy. Taking part is voluntary. Oh, and if you spent even one day in a public school, you are, in fact, full of shit.
Yes never heard that one. Guess what I drive on the roads too Einstein.

Taking part is voluntary. Being taxed, jailed or killed by the government is not.